New offering to existing clients:

24/7 support and development

For as little as £250 extra a month you get access to our global teams that will carry on working as your regional support teams quit for the day. This means 3 times faster development, around the clock monitoring and faster responses to new threats. All whilst your regional team offer local knowledge about what works best in your market.

The option to sign up for 24/7 support can be found by logging in and navigating to the additional services page.

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A whole new world.

Komorebi Media LTD is your key to unlock a world of opportunities. Whether it's creating bespoke IT systems, apps or websites, managing your eCommerce or running your online marketing Komorebi Media LTD opens your business up to the world.

The Mediachannels you will reach with us.

We utilize the technologies and the opportunities each mediachannel has to offer,
that we then package into targeted campaign sollutions.
This is where there programing possibilities are our most important asset.

Connected TV
Online display
Digital outdoor ads
Online Radio & Podcast
AI - Online Display

24/7 support

It has been a long time in the making, but we are now starting to roll out 24/7 support to provide a more convenient service for our customers. In an always-on world, providing round-the-clock support means our service needs to meets customer expectations, and that they can contact us whenever they need us.

Our 24/7 support team is also better equipped to handle support queries sooner than a team that’s only available 9-to-5 because we now have more reps available to tackle our support queue. We have allready seen our 24/7 support First Response Time and Average Resolution Time drop, which means they can respond to our customers quicker.

It also means we can serve and support a global customer base. Offering 24/7 support makes it possible for your company to grow its customer base outside your home region, and with multi regional support, we can also provide local expertise in foreign markets.

In rolling out our 24/7 support we can also facilitate our clients adopting new technology to improve their own support team’s efficiency. We are now able to provide the tools and technology to assist you in increasing your support team’s productivity while bringing on new team members.

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